Wednesday, 8 August 2012

My Jeffrey Campbell Collection

Yesterday I realized I seriously have a lot of Jeffrey Campbells and I still want more. It's nuts! So I decided to show you al my JCs.
I don't remember in which order I got them, so here they are! I'm so happy with them! I wish I could wear them more often, but at work I have to wear special clothing and shoes.

Lita Platform Boot - Metallic
I bought these at Nasty Gal for sale. I am not sure how much I paid for them, but it wasn't even €100,- Because they are made out of fabric instead of leather, they feel amazing and soft. I can walk in these for hours without any blisters. Not even on my pinky toe, which I normally have in my other leather litas!

The Lita Flame Shoe in Red and Black
These I bought at Karmaloop and these were my first pair of JC's. The website says that this look is exclusive for Karmaloop and I haven't seen them anywhere else yet so I guess it must be true. I have seen images of this look in white and blue too, but I couldn't find a store that would sell them.

Jeffrey Campbells Moon Walk in black
Damn I love these shoes! I bought these at Karmaloop too, but I have seen them on all the website I order my JCs from! They are made out of black leather and clear plastic. I wear them with black socks most of the time but they look stunning with bare feet too!

I can't remember what the name is of this boot. I bought it for sale at Karmaloop. It's made out of black suede and they feel amazing. I have only worn them once, because it really is a boot for the winter times and I bought them this spring. Can't wait to wear them more often!

Cosmic Lita
These I bought at Nasty Gal. I think these are the only pair of Jeffrey Campbells I didn't feel like they look exactly like the picture. In real the colours are a little less bright and the fabric isn't as shiny. I thought they would have a plastic look, but it's just died leather. Next to that I do love them and I don't regret buying them. I always get compliments when I wear these. They are a real eye catcher!

Lita Spike 2
I LOVE THESE SHOES! I am such a sucker for spikes and these shoes are perfect! If there would be a shoe that would show my personality and style, it would be these! They are all covered in spikes on the outside and the inside in covered in studs, so you won't damage the shoe when you are walking in them. They are pretty heavy and sharp, but I love them! Love love love!

Tawny Spike Platform Silver
I bought these at OFFICE during my shopping trip to London. I had seen them on the internet but because the model is very different from the Lita's I was a little scared to order them from the US, since you can't return any shoes ordered these, simply because it'll be too expensive. So when I saw them in this store in London I couldn't resist and had to buy them. I haven't worn them yet, but I will very soon! <3

Black Calf Leather Lita
I think these are the most basic Jeffrey Campbell shoes you could ever buy and I do believe every girl should have them. As all Litas do, they feel amazing and you could walk miles and miles in them for hours without getting soar feet or blisters. I ordered them at SoleStruck and they accidentally send them to me twice. They were really kind and I didn't had to send them back! Yay! So now I have two pair of these beauties!

Black Milk X Jeffrey Campbell - Rainbow Galaxy Damsel
We had to wait so so long before they finally arrived! I think every JC or BM fan was waiting for a shoe like this and I got them! They are even more beautiful in real life and they walk, as the print already shows, heavenly! The Damsels feel amazing too. They are slightly higher than the Litas but they walk as steady and easy. They are worth the money if you'd ask me. Now I'm waiting for the perfect outfit to wear them with!

Avalos Spike Boot
These are the last pair I ordered and I'm waiting for the mail man to bring them to me as we speak. They are black leather with spikes and round studs on the back. I always wanted the spiked Lita's #1 with the spikes on the back only, but because I already had spikes Lita's I wasn't sure what to do. As soon as I saw the Avalos model I bought them! Can't wait! I will show you pictures and the shoes asap and of course write a little review!

So... What do you think about my Jeffrey Campbell collection? Soon I will write a blog about the shoes I still have on my wish-list! I hope you enjoyed this blog! Which JC's do you own and what's the best Jeffrey Campbell shoe?
Let me know!
xoxo Nadine

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