Thursday, 9 August 2012

Jeffrey Campbells Avalos Boots

In my previous blog I showed you my Jeffrey Campbell collection. The last pair I ordered had not arrived yet and as you may guess... they did today. Had to pay €86,-!!!!!!! on fees, but yeah... well... it is the way it is. I don't think I will order shoes this expensive any more, cause the fees are ridiculous! But... next to that! Here they are!

On the right side you can see the boots as they are shown on the website. The left pair is me wearing them. I tried them on without socks and they felt really really large! So I already started to panic a little bit, that they wouldn't fit! I imminently put on thick socks and the fit was perfect! I still think they will need a insole to make them fit with regular socks too.
As you may notice on the photo, they are pretty tight around my legs and I will probably wear them with the zipper slightly down, but that looks fine too.
The fit is larger than the Litas, that's for sure. You could easily order half a size smaller than you would normally do. I always order a size 8, but a 7,5 would have been fine too.
As always the JC's come with some spare spikes and studs, so if you ever might lose one, you could put a spare one on it.
It feels a little weird to wear shoes with a pointy toe again, but I don't think it shows very much when you look at them from the side (shoes always look a little weird when you look down on them from above). I love them and they make me feel all old school Rock 'n Roll! Can't wait to wear them and show them to my boyfriend! Yay!

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