Sunday, 12 August 2012

Rock on with Bleach

Not too long ago I found a DIY to make your boring black top look amazing and unique. Of course I had to try this for myself! I've bleached denim before, but I never tries something like this.
So as soon as I could I bought a few tops, bleach and some tape and sticking paper so I could cut out all these amazing patterns! And this is what I made (don't mind the crappy pictures, I made them with Instagram)!

This is the first one I made. I only used tape for this one so it was pretty easy. The close up pictures shows the real colour of the top. So it didn't get really red, more a brownish kinda orange. I really love how it all turned out and the colour looks amazing with my black litas with the wooden heel.

This one is the second one I made. I used the sticking paper to cut out the crosses and tape to create the stripes. As you may understand it is based on the American flag and a top I once saw (I can't remember the brand though).

And last but not least... Baphomet! It took me ages to carve out the little details of this bastard but I love how it turned out! It has some little mistakes, but I can live with that! I am thinking about putting some spikes on the upper part of the shirt, but I'm not sure about that yet.

So? What do you think about it? As you may understand I am thrilled about it and maybe I'll do some other pieces in the future! Leggings and other tops maybe! Yay!
A lovely DIY and really fun to do! <666

xoxo Nadine

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