Sunday, 19 August 2012

Uh-oh Avalos Breakdown!

Remember the Jeffrey Campbell Avalos boots I bought not too long ago? Well... last week I wanted to wear them for the first time and after I walked down the stairs to go to the movie, I realized the left boot did feel a little lose. As I looked down I realized the zipper popped open from the bottom. A little worried I took them off, put on some other JC's and went to see Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter (useless info but awesome movie by the way).
As soon as I got home I took a picture of the zipper and this was the damage:

Aaaaah! I tried to push the zipper down as much as possible but it didn't work and it looked like the zipper was sown into the shoe a little crooked. So... I contacted Nasty Gal right away and they were very kind and understanding. They told me I could send the shoe back and they would pay for them, but... I would have to order a new pair and this would mean another €80,- on fees. No way I wanted that!
The second option was to get them to a shoemaker and Nasty Gal would compensate any costs I had to make. So I decided that this would be the best option...

Two days ago I picked them up from the shoemaker. The guy wasn't really happy with all the spikes, but... the zipper is working again! The only thing is that there's some messy stitches on the back, but you only see them when they are right under your nose and honestly... I really think is must have been a pain in the ass... or hands... to put these shoes under a sowing machine. It did only cost me €16,- and Nasty Gal will give me this amount of money in a coupon for their store. So... Kudos for Nasty Gal and for the shoemaker. Though it has been a defect from Jeffrey Campbell, it won't stop me from buying this brand, since all my other shoes are amazing and extremely well made!
Let's hope the zipper won't die again! Let's keep our fingers crossed! Now we only need some fall weather so we can wear them! Way too hot right now! Hihi!


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