Saturday, 15 September 2012

Chocolate Mug Cake

I had seen this before a few times but never tried it myself, till today. I was feeling hungry and we didn't have anything sweet in the house so I decided to try this easy recipe that can be done in less then 5 minutes. And... It is true! It really works!
I tried it with chocolate this time but I'm sure you can leave the cocoa out if you want it vanilla flavoured!

So, here is the easy recipe!

What you need:
One large mug. Not the regular mug you drink your coffee from, but a little larger!
And a microwave!

4 tbl. spoons of flower
4 tbl. spoons of sugar
4 tbl. spoons of cocoa (you can leave this out if you want)
1 egg
3 tbl. spoons of milk
3 tbl. spoons of oil
a little drop of vanilla extract
3 tbl. spoons of choco chips (you can leave this out if you want)

Mix all of this together in your mug, put it in the microwave for 3 minutes on high (around 900/1000 watt) and DONE! You can eat is straight out of the mug or let it cool off a little and flip it over on a plate!


This is not my picture but it looks a lot like mine. All the cake came over the edge, but that doesn't matter at all! It tastes great!
Have a nice meal!


PS. Planning to do a lot more recipe blogs on here! Hope you like! After all, I am kind of a cook!

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Lady Gaga Fame Perfume

Finally! It's here! The new perfume from Lady Gaga. This morning I went for some shopping and found the new black perfume at Douglas. A loud "O MY GOD" escaped from my mouth and I had to have it! As soon as I entered the store it was displayed right in frond of me. I had heard a lot of rumours about the smell of it and as soon as I tried it on my own skin I was happily surprised. I love it! Even after a few hours it smells really amazing!
I bought the 30 ml bottle and not the big one, because I want to get used to it first before I spend a lot of money on a large bottle and end up using it only 3 times.
The small bottle did cost me €26,50, which I don't find very expensive for an 'eau de perfum'.
The bottle looks amazing and as promised, the perfume really is pitch black. It's so weird how it turns transparent as soon as you put it on!
Go for it gals! Smell it and buy it! Love it!


Put your paws up cause they'll smell goooooood!!! <3

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Uh-oh Avalos Breakdown!

Remember the Jeffrey Campbell Avalos boots I bought not too long ago? Well... last week I wanted to wear them for the first time and after I walked down the stairs to go to the movie, I realized the left boot did feel a little lose. As I looked down I realized the zipper popped open from the bottom. A little worried I took them off, put on some other JC's and went to see Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter (useless info but awesome movie by the way).
As soon as I got home I took a picture of the zipper and this was the damage:

Aaaaah! I tried to push the zipper down as much as possible but it didn't work and it looked like the zipper was sown into the shoe a little crooked. So... I contacted Nasty Gal right away and they were very kind and understanding. They told me I could send the shoe back and they would pay for them, but... I would have to order a new pair and this would mean another €80,- on fees. No way I wanted that!
The second option was to get them to a shoemaker and Nasty Gal would compensate any costs I had to make. So I decided that this would be the best option...

Two days ago I picked them up from the shoemaker. The guy wasn't really happy with all the spikes, but... the zipper is working again! The only thing is that there's some messy stitches on the back, but you only see them when they are right under your nose and honestly... I really think is must have been a pain in the ass... or hands... to put these shoes under a sowing machine. It did only cost me €16,- and Nasty Gal will give me this amount of money in a coupon for their store. So... Kudos for Nasty Gal and for the shoemaker. Though it has been a defect from Jeffrey Campbell, it won't stop me from buying this brand, since all my other shoes are amazing and extremely well made!
Let's hope the zipper won't die again! Let's keep our fingers crossed! Now we only need some fall weather so we can wear them! Way too hot right now! Hihi!


Sunday, 12 August 2012

Rock on with Bleach

Not too long ago I found a DIY to make your boring black top look amazing and unique. Of course I had to try this for myself! I've bleached denim before, but I never tries something like this.
So as soon as I could I bought a few tops, bleach and some tape and sticking paper so I could cut out all these amazing patterns! And this is what I made (don't mind the crappy pictures, I made them with Instagram)!

This is the first one I made. I only used tape for this one so it was pretty easy. The close up pictures shows the real colour of the top. So it didn't get really red, more a brownish kinda orange. I really love how it all turned out and the colour looks amazing with my black litas with the wooden heel.

This one is the second one I made. I used the sticking paper to cut out the crosses and tape to create the stripes. As you may understand it is based on the American flag and a top I once saw (I can't remember the brand though).

And last but not least... Baphomet! It took me ages to carve out the little details of this bastard but I love how it turned out! It has some little mistakes, but I can live with that! I am thinking about putting some spikes on the upper part of the shirt, but I'm not sure about that yet.

So? What do you think about it? As you may understand I am thrilled about it and maybe I'll do some other pieces in the future! Leggings and other tops maybe! Yay!
A lovely DIY and really fun to do! <666

xoxo Nadine

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Jeffrey Campbells Avalos Boots

In my previous blog I showed you my Jeffrey Campbell collection. The last pair I ordered had not arrived yet and as you may guess... they did today. Had to pay €86,-!!!!!!! on fees, but yeah... well... it is the way it is. I don't think I will order shoes this expensive any more, cause the fees are ridiculous! But... next to that! Here they are!

On the right side you can see the boots as they are shown on the website. The left pair is me wearing them. I tried them on without socks and they felt really really large! So I already started to panic a little bit, that they wouldn't fit! I imminently put on thick socks and the fit was perfect! I still think they will need a insole to make them fit with regular socks too.
As you may notice on the photo, they are pretty tight around my legs and I will probably wear them with the zipper slightly down, but that looks fine too.
The fit is larger than the Litas, that's for sure. You could easily order half a size smaller than you would normally do. I always order a size 8, but a 7,5 would have been fine too.
As always the JC's come with some spare spikes and studs, so if you ever might lose one, you could put a spare one on it.
It feels a little weird to wear shoes with a pointy toe again, but I don't think it shows very much when you look at them from the side (shoes always look a little weird when you look down on them from above). I love them and they make me feel all old school Rock 'n Roll! Can't wait to wear them and show them to my boyfriend! Yay!

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

My Jeffrey Campbell Collection

Yesterday I realized I seriously have a lot of Jeffrey Campbells and I still want more. It's nuts! So I decided to show you al my JCs.
I don't remember in which order I got them, so here they are! I'm so happy with them! I wish I could wear them more often, but at work I have to wear special clothing and shoes.

Lita Platform Boot - Metallic
I bought these at Nasty Gal for sale. I am not sure how much I paid for them, but it wasn't even €100,- Because they are made out of fabric instead of leather, they feel amazing and soft. I can walk in these for hours without any blisters. Not even on my pinky toe, which I normally have in my other leather litas!

The Lita Flame Shoe in Red and Black
These I bought at Karmaloop and these were my first pair of JC's. The website says that this look is exclusive for Karmaloop and I haven't seen them anywhere else yet so I guess it must be true. I have seen images of this look in white and blue too, but I couldn't find a store that would sell them.

Jeffrey Campbells Moon Walk in black
Damn I love these shoes! I bought these at Karmaloop too, but I have seen them on all the website I order my JCs from! They are made out of black leather and clear plastic. I wear them with black socks most of the time but they look stunning with bare feet too!

I can't remember what the name is of this boot. I bought it for sale at Karmaloop. It's made out of black suede and they feel amazing. I have only worn them once, because it really is a boot for the winter times and I bought them this spring. Can't wait to wear them more often!

Cosmic Lita
These I bought at Nasty Gal. I think these are the only pair of Jeffrey Campbells I didn't feel like they look exactly like the picture. In real the colours are a little less bright and the fabric isn't as shiny. I thought they would have a plastic look, but it's just died leather. Next to that I do love them and I don't regret buying them. I always get compliments when I wear these. They are a real eye catcher!

Lita Spike 2
I LOVE THESE SHOES! I am such a sucker for spikes and these shoes are perfect! If there would be a shoe that would show my personality and style, it would be these! They are all covered in spikes on the outside and the inside in covered in studs, so you won't damage the shoe when you are walking in them. They are pretty heavy and sharp, but I love them! Love love love!

Tawny Spike Platform Silver
I bought these at OFFICE during my shopping trip to London. I had seen them on the internet but because the model is very different from the Lita's I was a little scared to order them from the US, since you can't return any shoes ordered these, simply because it'll be too expensive. So when I saw them in this store in London I couldn't resist and had to buy them. I haven't worn them yet, but I will very soon! <3

Black Calf Leather Lita
I think these are the most basic Jeffrey Campbell shoes you could ever buy and I do believe every girl should have them. As all Litas do, they feel amazing and you could walk miles and miles in them for hours without getting soar feet or blisters. I ordered them at SoleStruck and they accidentally send them to me twice. They were really kind and I didn't had to send them back! Yay! So now I have two pair of these beauties!

Black Milk X Jeffrey Campbell - Rainbow Galaxy Damsel
We had to wait so so long before they finally arrived! I think every JC or BM fan was waiting for a shoe like this and I got them! They are even more beautiful in real life and they walk, as the print already shows, heavenly! The Damsels feel amazing too. They are slightly higher than the Litas but they walk as steady and easy. They are worth the money if you'd ask me. Now I'm waiting for the perfect outfit to wear them with!

Avalos Spike Boot
These are the last pair I ordered and I'm waiting for the mail man to bring them to me as we speak. They are black leather with spikes and round studs on the back. I always wanted the spiked Lita's #1 with the spikes on the back only, but because I already had spikes Lita's I wasn't sure what to do. As soon as I saw the Avalos model I bought them! Can't wait! I will show you pictures and the shoes asap and of course write a little review!

So... What do you think about my Jeffrey Campbell collection? Soon I will write a blog about the shoes I still have on my wish-list! I hope you enjoyed this blog! Which JC's do you own and what's the best Jeffrey Campbell shoe?
Let me know!
xoxo Nadine

Monday, 2 July 2012

No regretful person

If I was a regretful person I would regret the time I wasted on you. But I am not, so I will waste some more hours and you will love it, we know.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Happy Birthday to me!

So... this is it! Turned 21 today! I ain't giving a party and no one will drop by, but hell yeah I'm gonna eat some pie/cake! Haha! My trip to London was my birthdaypresent and tonight I'll go and see the new Spiderman movie, but that's about it, and I love it. I hate getting older! I wanna stay young forever!